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#Nomaggedon 2015 in the ATL

Spare a thought for us here in the greater Atlanta area. We have been suffering this past week. SUFFERING! There have been severe winter storms threatening us, for at least 5 days. Sorry North Easterners and your 58.5 inches (1.48 metres) of snow in February. We were all aquiver over the 60% possibility of a frozen mix*. You may remember last year the whole city and nearly the whole state of Georgia was bought to a standstill for 24 hours when 6 million people hit the road at the same time trying to get home during #Snowmaggedon2014. It did not end well. It did not end well at all.

It was so tense on the weekend that on Saturday, a full 40 hours of time and weather patterns ahead of Monday morning they cancelled school based on the frozen mix scenario going bad.  In actuality it might have been a pre-planned move. Our county was the only one in Atlanta attending school on Presidents Day because of certain vagaries in our particular school calendar year.

Sunday morning I went to the supermarket and came across hundreds** of people sweeping eggs, bread and milk into their trolleys. Naturally I got caught up in panic by association, and ended up with nearly $100 of groceries when I had gone for half a gallon of milk.

In our house pseudo snow day Monday meant that the kids and the dad (Federal holiday so designated day off work – now ask again why the kids were going to school in the first place) were home, with me, and the cleaners. It rained ALL day. It was awesome***.

But there was no frozen mix, no serious dip in temperatures and no ice on the roads in our area. There were other areas suffering difficulties, ice on the trees and power lines and roads, but not in our little corner of Cobb. Never the less, to be super safe at 10.25pm the phone rang and it was the Board of Education canceling classes for ANOTHER DAY. Still no sign of anything white.

It didn’t rain on Tuesday, it was cold, around 0c /  32F with some wind chill dropping those a temps some more. Kids were able to play outside for reasonable periods of time, always looking upwards, in case of snow…..

No snow. Today they all went back to school. YAY!

At 12.30pm I decided to walk to the supermarket to get my steps in**** and see what was going on outside.

You’ll never guess…..

SNOW (flurry)

SNOW (flurry)

You can even see a very amateur video I took of it here.

*frozen mix being a fancy word for sleet, which if it settling and freezing causes all sorts of difficulties on the roads. See also – black ice.

**well there were definitely more than 50

***sarcasm font

****it’s not like anyone doesn’t have a 10,000 step goal or more anymore