#Nomaggedon 2015 in the ATL

Spare a thought for us here in the greater Atlanta area. We have been suffering this past week. SUFFERING! There have been severe winter storms threatening us, for at least 5 days. Sorry North Easterners and your 58.5 inches (1.48 metres) of snow in February. We were all aquiver over the 60% possibility of a frozen mix*. You may remember last year the whole city and nearly the whole state of Georgia was bought to a standstill for 24 hours when 6 million people hit the road at the same time trying to get home during #Snowmaggedon2014. It did not end well. It did not end well at all.

It was so tense on the weekend that on Saturday, a full 40 hours of time and weather patterns ahead of Monday morning they cancelled school based on the frozen mix scenario going bad.  In actuality it might have been a pre-planned move. Our county was the only one in Atlanta attending school on Presidents Day because of certain vagaries in our particular school calendar year.

Sunday morning I went to the supermarket and came across hundreds** of people sweeping eggs, bread and milk into their trolleys. Naturally I got caught up in panic by association, and ended up with nearly $100 of groceries when I had gone for half a gallon of milk.

In our house pseudo snow day Monday meant that the kids and the dad (Federal holiday so designated day off work – now ask again why the kids were going to school in the first place) were home, with me, and the cleaners. It rained ALL day. It was awesome***.

But there was no frozen mix, no serious dip in temperatures and no ice on the roads in our area. There were other areas suffering difficulties, ice on the trees and power lines and roads, but not in our little corner of Cobb. Never the less, to be super safe at 10.25pm the phone rang and it was the Board of Education canceling classes for ANOTHER DAY. Still no sign of anything white.

It didn’t rain on Tuesday, it was cold, around 0c /  32F with some wind chill dropping those a temps some more. Kids were able to play outside for reasonable periods of time, always looking upwards, in case of snow…..

No snow. Today they all went back to school. YAY!

At 12.30pm I decided to walk to the supermarket to get my steps in**** and see what was going on outside.

You’ll never guess…..

SNOW (flurry)

SNOW (flurry)

You can even see a very amateur video I took of it here.

*frozen mix being a fancy word for sleet, which if it settling and freezing causes all sorts of difficulties on the roads. See also – black ice.

**well there were definitely more than 50

***sarcasm font

****it’s not like anyone doesn’t have a 10,000 step goal or more anymore


2 responses to “#Nomaggedon 2015 in the ATL

  1. Caitlin Foster

    Hi Nikki

    Caitlin Foster from faraway Oz here again. Reading your story reminded me of the first time I drove on the road from execrable Newmarket in England (see my comment on your post about being asked stupid questions by foreigners when travelling through their land; the setting was ugly Newmarket near divinely fabulous Cambridge) to the aforementioned divinely fabulous Cambridge. (About 20 minutes on a bleak motorway.)

    I was driving the pregnant pram owned by my (English-born) aunt (by marriage to my Aussie Mum’s Aussie brother; fortunately no blood tie) alone for the first time. Yes, it WAS kind of her to lend it to me, BUT she made it clear to me she was doing me a BIG favour.

    I resented this as I’d been made by her to work in her East Enders-style diner 10-hour shifts with no pay for four weeks straight. (She had neglected to mention to me when she was staying with my family the previous Sydney summer that this condition would be attached to her ‘kind’ offer to come and visit. As I was trapped, there was no way I could say ‘No’. So I did it. Until the day I finally stood up for myself and said “I’ve been in England for a month and seen nothing except the inside of your diner’s kitchen and the piles of dirty plates, cutlery and general weaponry you use to ‘cook’ which I wash up all day. I need a day in Cambridge to remember I’m a civilised human bean who has watched too many stylish BBC dramas; I realise now I am a certifiable idiot for thinking Cambridge and strawberries and poetry would be my experience of England”. Or words to that effect.

    I was very careful driving down the sleet-covered motorway; I had never encountered sleet before in my life; no-one had told me the horrible stuff existed. At some point the ‘car’ (such as it was) slid from the far left-hand lane on the motorway in which I was supposedly driving right across the middle and far right-hand lane into the lane of oncoming traffic. TOTAL fear and horror in a fraction of a second; I’ll never forget it. Fortunately there were no cars oncoming or it might not have ended well at all, quoting someone famous I know who writes a blog, lol.

    How I got to Cambridge, trembling with shock, and actually managed to park the thing, I’ll never know. Some angel was looking after me that dread day.

    You can imagine my reluctance to get back in the so-called ‘vehicle’ to drive back to Newmarket. After that little episode, the kitchen of my aunt’s awful diner (specialising in congealed fat disguised as food; zero nutrition value) looked pretty good. At least it was safe! (Apart from the ever-present danger of skidding into drums of oil stacked haphazardly against the back wall, source of the aforementioned congealed fat; as much fat spilled on the kitchen floor as was slopped onto the plates of unsuspecting patrons. Few returned, as you can imagine, lol).

    So ‘sleet’. Terrifying to those who are not natives of cold weather regions. I DID laugh at the photo of you in the snow flurry. It really ain’t like the Christmas cards, all soft and pretty, is it? Basically a marketer’s fib to gull the unwary from dry and sunny climes.

    Hope your neck of the woods doesn’t suffer a repeat of this unwelcome weather event. It must have felt weird for the natives; my impression is Georgia is a fairly dry and hot state. Not at that time, obviously. Good luck with acclimatising to the vagaries of North American climate change! (:)).

    Cheers once more from Caitlin Foster in South-East Queensland

    • So glad you made it. Driving in the sleet is pretty awful. We do prefer the warmer weather here to be sure – I would prefer it all the time 😉

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