A stands for …..

It had to happen didn’t it? Come up with the longest blog title in the world – then include something about continents with starting with ‘A’, some day, at some point its going to bite you.

Australasia (remember we went old school there and didn’t reference the now taught Oceania), Asia, Africa & now introducing America (North). I think that can sneak in as a legitimate A continent.

Atlanta definitely starts with an A – and in two short weeks (yesterday) that is where the small people and I will be heading to via Dubai and New York to start our new life as Australians in Atlanta – or more specifically Cobb County expats. The husband already has himself a social security card and is working on his accent, sourcing moonshine and loving living in a country where they actually like Australians (not that he doesn’t miss his near and dear South African friends too).

The Third Culture Kids will have another reference point, likely move from one slightly horrifying accent to another – and their mother will have access to a shop that sells Vegemite, Freddo frogs and meat pies! It was not a prerequisite that we move to a suburb with an Australian bakery but handy that its worked out that way.

Leaving Durban and 320 days of sunshine a year is a tough call – so I had to first investigate what it meant to swap the balmy days and bright blue skies with ocean views, endless options of South African Sauvignon Blanc and ‘African’ time for.

Initially it seems a bit of a mixed bag.  Atlanta has 185 days of sunshine on average per year – so I’m down an ocean (have never lived away from the ocean except for a stint at University and a year on a farm in Germany) and 135 days of sunshine.

On the plus side its got the world’s busiest passenger airport and is the 7th most visited city in the US so I am thinking we have got to get more visitors there than we ever got here.

There are 65 streets with the name Peachtree in them – that’s got to be a bonus when I am negotiating the other side of the road driving with two screaming kids in the back. Wherever I am trying to go will always surely be ‘near Peachtree’. Perhaps that can be a good car game – Kids, listen for the proximity alarms on Mummy’s car and any streets that are called Peachtree.

Atlanta is the home base for the fourth largest number of Fortune 500 companies including my absolute favourite – Coca Cola!

It also has Home Depot, UPS, CNN and AT&T. I am looking forward then to excellent internet access for my online shopping which will no doubt be couriered to me in a timely fashion while I am catching up on the latest news. Things are looking up!

The moving process has not been without its hiccups, you can see I am already using American spelling – although I have asked the school if my kids can retain their ‘ou’ words I am not too optimistic of that outcome although I absolutely draw the line at ‘mom’ – and I have a handy stack of posts to come when regular wifi access once again makes itself available.

For now – this brief introduction to our new American home and to let you know we’re off to be brave in the land of the free, or free in the land of the brave – I’ll get back to you on that. Watch this space.


8 responses to “A stands for …..

  1. How exciting- Good luck!!

  2. Haha! I think I drove down every one of those Peachtrees during my 3-month stint as a Coca-Cola intern a lifetime ago 1992 if you must know). I LOVE Atlanta.

    Good luck to all of you for this new adventure. You will be missed here in South Africa!

    • I Iove a person that loves a city I am on my way to live in. It makes me optimistic. Also glad that if I get stuck down the wrong Peachtree I can think of someone who has done it before me. Who knows one day we may end up living in the same continent again. I look forward to continued posts from Jo’berg to keep me in touch with life in Africa.

  3. No way! I loved reading about your African life. Look at what some people will do to avoid climbing Kilimanjiro again.
    So you can move pretty much anywhere but Europe then….
    Seriously best of luck with the move. I’m sure you will love the shopping if nothing else.

    • Thank you! Many African stories still to come I hope, have quite a store built up after three years. However onward to new adventures as well. Yes – anywhere but Europe but hoping not to have to include Antarctica in the mix.

  4. You are not even there yet and you have a flag! I am suddenly feeling very unAmerican (and technically I am an American).
    I met a random Australian at Target today from Wagga and thought of all my expats. I am insanely jealous of your bakery. Is it on Peachtree Lane?
    Am thrilled that we will be sharing a timezone, almost.
    Love Michelle

    • You don’t have a flag in your front yard? What do you do on holidays, doesn’t your house get egged if there is no flag in the front yard come July 4th? 😉 Excited to be moving to the same timezone as you – give or take a few hours, I expect you to be my Aussie guide for all things USA although perhaps there may be a slight difference between the way things are done in Silicon Valley & ‘Hotlanta’, look forward to comparing notes.

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