Me – the Ferrari photographer

I know its called Random thoughts….etc etc…. (longest blog name in history) and I promise you (as they say here in South Africa) this is straight from the file marked ‘Random’.

Last weekend while minding my own business I got a message from someone at my favourite local cafe telling me their photographer for an event the next day had fallen through and asking would I mind coming to take some photos. I imagine he had been through a slightly stressful time and was some way down a lengthy list of names.

I thought about it for about a second, checked that my husband could ‘parent’ (not babysit) our children during the early hours of Sunday morning and replied that if no professional could be found then I would happily step in and wave my camera around.

Just call me professional expat, amateur mountain climber, wannabe marathon runner, novice surfer, social media addict and now semi-professional photographer with a huge tongue in your cheek. I think the title is apt because I was paid in kind with one of my favourite currencies, food. In particular a delightful eggs benedict and a range of breads from my favourite bakery on earth.  My family also breakfasted on my camera, there were further bacon and eggs, pancakes and milkshakes in the mix, of which they were most appreciative.

It was, according to the signage, a meeting of the Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club.  They were gathering at Remo’s Fratelli Cafe, Flanders Mall, Mount Edgecombe to check out each other’s cars, allow others to check their cars out, wear their best red clothing, eat breakfast and catch the Aussie Grand Prix on the tele – what multi taskers they all are.

My ‘brief’ as it were, was to photograph the cars, the people and the cafe and the staff. To do this I was allowed behind the counter!!! It was really so exciting and ended up being so much fun. I love to take photos, I am now inspired to take many many more and perhaps learn some more editing techniques.

I offer you a tiny sample of my wares, so if you need a ‘semi-professional’ photographer at your next function – I also accept payment in South African Sauvignon Blanc.

So many red Ferraris, one yellow, one dark grey.

                                 A junior inspector in full gear was cutest on ground






A little bit of old school





The people and inside the cafe were really my favourite part.

The Baristas



Ferraris of every size (as long as they were red)




Never too early to own a red t-shirt and start supporting Ferrari.










The Remos scooter (not a Ferrari)

                  Remo’s Village loaf – go no further in your search for the perfect bread!

                         The Gingerbread people – just before they got their eyes….

THE END (the part where I head off to work out how to better put multiple photos on blog in future – you know just in case of new assignments)


7 responses to “Me – the Ferrari photographer

  1. Okay Nikki, can I follow a course photography and photoshop with you after seeing these pics I’m desperate

    • Francina, everything I know I learnt on You Tube 😉 well the photoshop / editing part anyway. I have seen your photos, they are amazing.

  2. That looks like fun. Have you got any more mountain climbing or other challenges lined up yet? (I’ve been a long time reader of your blog :))

  3. Love it!! well done you..

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