Bash the what? (& no mun no fun)

Just when I think I am beginning to understand how things work here in Africa something comes along and confuses me.

For instance today when I went to the ‘hole in the wall’ to get money out to pay for those Kettlebell from hell classes the machine said to me

Request denied Error 68

The last time I had a denied request like that it was because someone had been draining our bank account after cloning my card when I used it at Joburg airport and my heart sank that the thought of going through that process again. I remembered the drama, the police reports, the bank reports, the six trips back and forward between the two because no one could tell me which forms to fill out when and where. So I thought – I’ll just check the balance because it’s probably happened again. Only I couldn’t check the balance, at the machine or online, because all access to our bank account had been cut off.

Surely this has nothing to do with our recently applied for visas I thought?!? After all we had been back and forth with the immigration consultant and the bank several times on what we needed to do and provide to ensure while our visas were being processed our accounts weren’t frozen. We had supplied all the paperwork and documents they had asked for.

But no harm in a quick phone call to check with our ‘private banker’ (fancy schmancy title for not a lot I can tell you) who had promised to monitor our accounts daily until our visas were approved to ensure no problems. Hmmm looks like she forgot about that today – Um, Um, I’ll just check and get back to you.

Ten minutes later as I am standing in a shopping mall, ready to shop – Ahhh, yes – that’s correct, the paperwork is apparently not what we need…..

Cue suppressed swearing and shouting from me – and calmly asking what is it we could do to lift this ban on our accounts.

Hmm – not sure yet so will have to get back to you on that.

Cue less suppressed tonal changes and anxious and louder than usual ‘discussion’ tone to voice my displeasure on the subject.

Then I went shopping.

The issue remains tonight unresolved, so I am very glad we had already paid our electricity bill for the month so I have my venting devices on hand – fully charged, as I await my husband to return home from a work dinner that I imagine someone else will be paying for.

What all this means is I still don’t understand how many things in this country work – so I wanted to put the question to South Africans here and away, other nationalities near and far and ask this.

Did anyone else grow up – in any country – where this was part of your school ‘Fun Days’ or local carnivals, as it was part of my children’s recent School Fun Day?

Bash the Skadonk?!?

Did you do this as a child? Is R10 an expensive bash?The 'Skadonk'

In my best Pauline Hanson voice (you have to be Australian to get that) PLEASE EXPLAIN?

I am only sorry (or not) that I don’t have the third photo in the series which was a five year old boy with a baseball bat having proudly handed over this ten rand for his turn to bash.

At the time I was confused – but the more I think about my bank experiences today, the more I understand.

The 'Skadonk'


7 responses to “Bash the what? (& no mun no fun)

  1. Maybe they need a few more Skadonks in England at the moment? All the angrypeople can vent their frustrations with less negative consequences. Or maybe some Greek plate-smashing community sessions? Gives the opp to get that thrilling rush of adrenaline from doing something we usually take great pains to avoid i guess?

  2. I am South African and have never seen a bash the skadonk sign before – ever! But it is a kinda novel idea!

    Sorry about the bank drama – having worked in one for 10 years I know how frustrating it can be :-/

  3. So sorry about your banking woes — banking in this country is expensive and annoying. Ugh. And I’m not sure what this Bash the Skadonk thing is, I’ll have to consult my husband if it’s a common thing. Somehow I don’t think so. But hey, Australia won the rugby! Hope you have money again!

  4. I’m just really happy that somebody invented the word ‘skadonk’. That so had to be done…

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