Its not the Bloggies but vote for me anyway!

Being an avid twitter stalker (I do try to participate but lots of things I think about contributing to the conversation are generally already said – this can sometimes be a time zone issue and sometimes be a ‘I’m just not that quick issue’) – so also end up doing a lot of ‘watching’ – as well as a brand new blogger, I have been watching with interest the hype and excitement online around the Bloggies (voting now closed).  I now realise I should have been making notes on vote getting techniques and other related items.  However I was busy doing other stuff – I forget what now but just things.

So it was with a certain amount of surprise that I read a comment on my blog that said I had been nominated (on a shortlist of 114 – I told you this is NOT the Bloggies!) for the LexioPhiles Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010. It didn’t appear as a Spam warning so I thought I might investigate it further.

Apparently it is a real site and a real event, although the site is very slow to get to so when you do vote for me be prepared to wait a little longer than you might think for the site to load up, obviously a very busy site with all that voting going on – also it is a VERY long list and I am listed towards the bottom (an excuse I will use for reduced votes when the final tallies are taken). Also you need to know the name of this Blog – Random Thoughts of an Aussie expat living in another continent starting with A – which I have just realized is a very long and perhaps not particularly catchy title when you are trying to interest people in voting for you, but can’t change it now, given someone nominated me it apparently has some brand recognition. I am also wondering if it should be ‘living on’ – do you live ‘in’ or ‘on’ a continent? My English teacher is no doubt shaking her head wherever she is and saying ‘That girl never listened to me, she was too always busy reading books under the desk’ and she’d be right.

I have had a look at some of the other blogs nominated – some are pretty good  I think – quite a few are not in English but they look quite flash, some are even on YouTube – would have no idea how to do that myself but these tech savvy Gen Yers seem to have it all down pat.  I am sure some if not many of the other blogs on the very long list deserve votes – but here’s the thing – I want some too!  While I don’t for one second think I will ‘win’ the thing (whatever it is) – I certainly don’t want to be the only one on the Voting results page (which gives you an update of how many votes there are for each blog) with 0% or just one vote (yes – I tried it to see if it worked and voted for ME).


I have taken a break from writing this – which I have chosen to indicate by using a dotted line above in case you are wondering what that was for, to review how some of the finalists that were nominated for real live grown-up awards ‘The Bloggies’ (Final Top 5 Blogs in Australia /New Zealand – rather than 114 rather more random ones) attempted to induce voters.  @kerrisackville offered to dance in Spangly knickers for her voting public  if she won and @theNDM offered to bake cupcakes and send by post – and then supplemented that with a threat went  to eat a very interesting looking Vegie porn star she had created with a rather impressive outcome . You can read more about both those offers on the links – should they work – after all this is my first time trying to insert real actual links (told you I was new at this). Please remember that these people are real grown up bloggers – so don’t abandon me when you realise what a real blog looks like! Its also true on those sites they know how to put the links in so they aren’t long clunky looking things – but one day I will also learn this – promise.

I have no Spangly knickers – did a quick mental check and don’t believe I own any – nor likely to buy any soon – so not likely to dance in them for you, not something you would want to see anyway. I’m also not a very good baker and given the reliability of the South African postal system I am not sure anyone would receive them. So I am just asking, based on the fact that you are reading this – vote for me!

How to do that? Click the link in the top right hand corner that says iX10 Vote for this blog. Choose the right one – mine, and you’re done. Voting is open from February 1st to February 14th.

Finally – to the person who nominated me – I am assuming someone did as I really did not do it myself (pinky promise), Thank You.  I hope to not let you down by securing at least two votes – mine and at least one other persons or maybe three – here’s hoping…….


11 responses to “Its not the Bloggies but vote for me anyway!

  1. I’ve voted for you! Having used force so many times in the past week to get people to vote for me in the Bloggies, it’s the least I can do.

    As for doing shorter links – if you’re writing the post using the Visual view in wordpress (as opposed to the HTML view), simply write the text you want to link, select the lot and click on the LINK button on menu. (It looks like a little bit of chain and only becomes active when you have selected text). You can then type the URL you want the text to link to in the little pop-up box that appears – indeed, it “pops up” which is handy because its called a pop-up box, at least by me.

    By the way, spangly knickers are over-rated.

  2. Also, while I’m here, what kind of “real grown up blogger” would threaten to eat a porn star made of vegetables to another (much more famous) blogger ?

    Or, indeed, wear spangly knickers?

  3. No need for sparkly knickers, your blog and stories are most excellent. Happy to vote for you. I think the way you’ve moved and handled the situation each time is amazing. I’d be a mess on the floor. 🙂 Off to vote Bernx

  4. Hey Nik – you have 12 votes so far! That’s 1% of the total! How good is that??

  5. I found your blog looking for “Sharks” and “ref” in Twitter. No shame on Sharks for throwing things at ref, he (and his linesman) was a disgrace!

    It is GREAT to see an Aussie living in South Africa. Such a change to the norm. I admire that. Good for you! I would love to say you’re living in the better of the 2 continents starting with an “A”, but I’ve never been to Oz. All I know is, I LOVE AFRICA. Specifically SOUTH AFRICA! Sure, we have our issues, but I LOVE this country!!

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