Continents starting with A

According to my son’s American accented talking globe – Australia is part of a continent called Oceania. When I was growing up I recall being taught the continent was called Australasia and Australia was the world’s largest island to boot, so for my own ease of remembering the continents I will keep it as Australasia.  I have yet to decide if my personal interpretation of the Americas are A continents or N and S ones – I guess it depends where we go next.

So for continents starting with A – my experiences are as follows

Australasia (resided only on the big island) – circa 30 years

Asia – Hong Kong – fabulous five and a half years (preceded by the first six months which are fairly forgettable)

Africa – South Africa, Durban – starting new adventures from July 2009

I know the general topic of an Australian living abroad experiencing new things is not a new one and has and continues to be dealt with elsewhere in hundreds if not thousands of similar blogs – perhaps in a form more suited to your tastes – however, although I am not part of Gen Y (I am an X-er) this is all about me!  So if you’re interested feel free to read – if not……

PS – I do not pretend to be any kind of writer and in fact cringe at the thought of some of the people I know who actually can write reading any of this – so apologies in advance to the grammatical and in particular the apostrophe police and other purveyors of good writing.


8 responses to “Continents starting with A

  1. Woo-hoo! Way to go, darling. What a great start. Love the zebras and the first page. You could make it really interesting to read by ignoring ALL punctuation! Just roll out the news. Can’t wait for the rest as it unfolds.

  2. I think I have tears welling in my eyes reading this stuff from you two.

    Way to go Nik, you have to pass the time somehow.

  3. G’Day Nikki,

    Just found this via your twitter, looking forward to what you’ve got to say.

    We just got back from Durbs a few weeks ago, I married a Zimbo and he brother is in Glen Hills just south of St Lucia.

    Now I read the blog of the only Aussie in Durban, as well as the only Aussie in London.

  4. Great job again noo. I look forward to the book I tell you.xx

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